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Review Policy for articles:

All articles are subjected to the publication's double-blind review process before being published. Every article that is sent in is subjected to a review process, which involves the participation of at least two reviewers or editorial board members who have expertise in the field of the article that is sent in. After the names of the authors and their affiliations have been removed, the article is then sent on to our two reviewers as soon as it has been received. The names of the reviewers are also kept secret from the authors. Reviewers are responsible for sending in their comments at the appropriate time, and these comments and queries are then sent on to the authors so that they can make amendments or provide explanations. When the reviewers have reached a conclusion that the authors' explanations or changes to the manuscript have satisfied their concerns, the decision to accept the article is communicated to the authors. The manuscript will not be considered for publication if the author or authors refuse to make the changes suggested by the reviewers.


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